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Recognizing Prof. Demasure’s Service as Executive Director of the CCP as She Begins a New Role

We are grateful for these four years of Prof. Karlijn Demasure’s service as Executive Director of the CCP. Her many experiences and her curriculum prepared her to be a leader in the field of safeguarding and for her vital role in accompanying the CCP’s transfer from Munich and its launch in Rome in 2014.

Demasure’s career began with the study of religious sciences at the Catholic University of Leuven and teaching religion in Belgian schools. But she soon took flight in Congo, after which she was motivated to complete a doctorate in theology, and was among the first women to do so at Leuven.

Having completed a doctorate on the psycho-spiritual accompaniment of the victims of sexual abuse, she became a specialist on the issue. This expertise was engaged when she served as a member of the “Adriaenssens Commission”, investigating allegations of sexual abuse committed by clergy in Belgium. She was an associate professor at Saint Paul University and dean of the Faculties of Human Sciences and of Philosophy, and from there came to Rome to serve as executive director for the Centre for Child Protection (Gregorian University) that had just relocated from Munich, with particular oversight of the launch of the diploma course, e-learning program, and day-to-day running of the center, welcoming guests and working with doctoral students.

As she steps out of this role and into another, that of greater concentration on teaching and research, we the staff of the CCP wish her God’s best blessings and continued energy and enthusiasm in the work for prevention of child sexual abuse.