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The Institute of Anthropology (IADC) researches and teaches on the issues of dignity and care in an intercultural and interdisciplinary way, basing its approach on an anthropological view of human life from a Christian perspective. The Institute contributes to the development of a common model of a safer world, it raises awareness of the urgency of safeguarding, especially with regard to minors and vulnerable adults, and prepares experts from all over the world to prevent abuse in any form.

The IADC envisions a world where all humans can live in freedom and without fear from violation of their dignity and receive the care they need and deserve.


Guiding Principles

The Institute of Anthropology at the Pontifical Gregorian University is committed to raising awareness about human dignity, promoting education and interdisciplinary research on human dignity. Its purpose is also to train people who specialize in applying measures that aim to promote and protect human dignity and work to create healthy relationships and environments. The Institute intends to contribute to the formation of men and women who serve others – especially those whose dignity has been wounded and those whose dignity needs special care.

The Institute’s objectives are:


To promote greater sensitivity and willingness to act in a way that consistently promotes human dignity and care for vulnerable people, thus contributing to a practical commitment of the Catholic Church.


To contribute to the formation of professionals working to protect vulnerable people, who know how to apply their knowledge and skills effectively in different social and cultural contexts and which intend to serve the mission of the Church and society as a whole.

Declaration of Intent