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New Safeguarding Chair at the Institute of Anthropology

On October 13, the Institute of Anthropology presented a new Chair for Evaluation in the Context of Safeguarding at the Pontifical Gregorian University. The chair was made possible through an endowment by the Guido Fluri Foundation.

The Swiss-based Guido Fluri Foundation is particularly active in the field of child protection. The primary objective of the Guido Fluri Foundation Chair is to promote international and interdisciplinary studies according to scientific standards, and to encourage adequate evaluation of the effectiveness of prevention and intervention measures. The active involvement of those affected by abuse will be central to this process.

Earlier in the day, Swiss entrepreneur Guido Fluri visited the Institute's offices at Villa Malta and was welcomed by Director Fr. Hans Zollner and staff members.

Father Zollner said the new chair will "support the IADC mission of making the world a safer place through our academic endeavors."

"During the next five years, the Guido Fluri Chair will grant students of the Licentiate in Safeguarding the possibility to get the adequate knowledge and skills to become agents of change in their local contexts, wherever the Lord will call them, in their different communities and apostolates," he said.