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Networking as a key to combat abuse

“Reporting Abuse: Obligations, Dilemmas, and Reality”. This was the theme of the annual International Safeguarding Conference (ISC), held at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome from 20-22 June.

The conference brought together experts in the field of safeguarding from all over the world. The aim of the event was to promote learning and networking opportunities to those interested in making the world a safer space for everyone, especially children and people at risk.

“The network is growing and continuing to learn”, confirmed IADC Director, Fr. Hans Zollner. Although he also reminded participants that “this is still the beginning of the journey, not the end.”

In his concluding remarks, Fr. Zollner urged those present to “continue the conversation”, to “grow the network when returning home”, and to “promote collaboration with bishops and superiors”, helping them to understand that safeguarding is central to the Church’s mission.