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Empowering Networks: A new course completed in Mexico

Mexico is a country where we are hard at work with good results, thanks to the network created by Dr. Gabriel Aguilar,  a alumnus of the Diploma Course in Safeguarding of Minors at the Gregorian University, who has been responsible for several training groups who have completed the e-learning program of the CCP in recent years. Gabriel Aguilar is part of the Ambientes Seguros team of the Regnum Christi Movement, with whom the CCP has been actively collaborating for several years.

Starting from the first group led by Gabriel, many others have followed over time.

Recently one of these courses, led by Rafael Velazquez Pelayo, Coordinator of the Psycho-Pedagogical Department of the Alper Cumbred Institute of Guagalajara, concluded with a ceremony to present the certificates of participation, at which Gabriel Aguilar spoke.

The words, the enthusiasm and the gratitude we receive each time one of the blended courses organized in collaboration with the CCP is rewards the effort spent to overcome the difficulties and, sometimes even the discouragement that can take It deals with such a delicate and urgent subject. To the group of Rafael, to Rafael himself and to all the collaborators of the Movement in Mexico, our thanks for the hard work, for the seriousness and your precious collaboration.