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CCP Alumni: Br. Victor's Visit and News

This week CCP was happy to welcome alumni Br. Victor Hugo Merino Conde ('16) and hear news of his mission in safeguarding for the Brothers of Charity. Br. Victor is now in charge of the commission for safeguarding for his congregation, and is guiding the work for the creation of codes of conduct for the different loacal communities. The process needs to be different for each place because each code must take care to integrate requirements of the local law and involve leadership at the regional and provincial levels. He is also working in the area of formation of novices and teaches courses in topics in psychology, emotional regulation, sexuality, and human development, and in safeguarding. Br. Victor shared that the diploma course provided an an entry point to be aware of the need to focus on the area of sexual abuse prevention and healing.  Working in formation, he has been able to address the topic of sexuality and abuse more directly and specifically, speaking about healthy practices for celibate people. The Brothers of Charity number around 600 men in 30 countries around the world, working in education, hospitals, psychiatric centers and other apostolates focused on charity.