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Australia: Truth Justice and Healing Council's Final Report Released

The Truth Justice and Healing Council, the entity which coordinated the Catholic Church's response to the Australian Royal Commission which took place from 2013-2018, made their 4 volume, 989 page report public this past week. The release of the documents coincided with the Australian bishops' response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission and came while CCP President Hans Zollner SJ is in the Wollongong diocese giving talks on safeguarding.

The four volumes include:

  • Volume One: Where from and where to: The Truth Justice and Healing Council, the Royal Commission and the Catholic Church in Australia
  • Volume Two: The Floyal Commission’s recommendations and responses from The Truth Justice and Healing Council
  • Volume Three: What we have done: an activity report from The Truth Justice and Healing Council, 2013 to 2018
  • Volume Four: Emerging Themes: A snapshot of approaches taken by Church authorities in Australia to formation, education, governance, legal and policy issues (2016).

"Together these Volumes tell the story, as best possible, of the Church’s involvement with the Royal Commission over the five years from 2013. The point we are at now is not the end of the journey: it is a step along the way towards the restoration of the trust that the community must have in the Church if it is to fulfil its mission."

Access the full report here.